Frequently Asked Questions

General structure 35 Nw/mts.
NXT-AUA 30/46 universal clamps 15 Nw/mts.
NXT-CLAMP and NXT-CLAMP PRO clamps 20 Nw/mts.
Systems with rails max. 20 modules.
NXT-MINI max. 12 modules.
NXT-NANO max. 6 modules.
NXT-CLAMP PRO 4 max. 10 modules.
MIRROR U max. 12 modules
MIRROR V max. 12 modules
Our clamps are universal, that is to say, they work both as end clamps and as central clamps, apart from being compatible with module frames from 30mm to 46mm and having an integrated grounding system.
NXT-PV RACK System up to 246 km/h.
NXT-MIRROR U System up to 215 km/h.
NXT-MIRROR V System up to 215 km/h.
NXT-PORT System up to 215 km/h.
NXT-MINI System up to 180 km/h.
NXT-NANO System up to 190 km/h
NXT-CLAMP 2.0 System up to 200 km/h.
NXT-CLAMP PRO System up to 180 km/h (for 454 W modules).
In order to make a correct installation and guarantee wind resistance, it is necessary to anchor directly to the concrete slab.
The ideal minimum thickness of the sheet should be gauge 26.
It is possible to make an installation with an initial height of up to 1 meter, always taking care not to exceed the final height of 2m.
The maximum inclination should be 10º with direct anchorage to the pole that supports the sheet.
Expansive anchor of ⅜".
It is recommended 1 windbreak per 2 free spans, it is necessary to position side and rear windbreaks.
The maximum overhang allowed is 35 cm.
The NXT-CLAMP 2.0 allows to orient the panel horizontally and vertically, in case of the NXT-CLAMP PRO 4 it allows to orient the panel only in horizontal orientation. The selection of each one will depend on the available space and the orientation of the lamination.
The NXT PV RACK solution allows an inclination of up to 30º as long as the final height does not exceed 2m.
About Us
We design and manufacture solar mounting systems for the solar industry in the residential, commercial and industrial roofs.
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