Pitched Roofs

Solution for trapezoidal metal roofs

NXT-MINI system

The NXT-RAIL MINI system has emerged as a practical and safe solution for photovoltaic installations in limited spaces and with restrictions.

It is a very safe and easy to assemble system, with high quality materials, guaranteed by rigorous studies of mechanical stresses and deformations. Ideal for residential, commercial and even industrial areas.
40 cm long rail for trapezoidal sheets.
1/4″ self-tapping screws.
EPDM anti water filtration.
Compatible with trapezoidal sheet with ridges up to 35cm apart.
Resistant to winds of up to 180km/h.
Compatible with universal clamp.
25 year warranty.

NXT-NANO system

Our NXT-NANO solution is a system used on roofs with trapezoidal sheet metal and landscape panel orientation.
15 cm long rail for trapezoidal metal roofs.
1/4” self-tapping screws.
Water-resistant EPDM.
Resistant to winds of up to 190 km/h.
Compatible with universal clamp.
Easy to install
Solution for standing seam metal roofs

NXT-CLAMP 2.0 system

One of the most important solutions is the NXT-CLAMP 2.0 support, which has emerged as a practical and safe option for photovoltaic installations on the KR18 and KR24 cling film (horizontal or vertical). It is compatible with vertical or horizontal clamping.
Standing seam metal roof clamp.
Non-penetrating solution.
Anodized marine grade.
Compatible with double-fold and single-fold metal roofs.
Round-tipped screwsets to avoid damaging the sheet and its coating.
Fastening below the crimp.
Pre-assembled stainless steel screwsets.
25 years warranty.

NXT-CLAMP PRO 4 system

The NXT-CLAMP PRO solution allows you to install on KR18 and KR24 roofs without the use of rails. Simplify your installations, reduce time and facilitate the transportation of materials with our new NXT-CLAMP PRO solution. It is also compatible with the NXT-PV RACK line of accessories.
Reduced installation time.
Reduced transportation costs.
Up to 35% less than conventional rail installations.
Only 2 accessories for installation.
Solution for tiled roofs

NXT-HOOK system

NXT-HOOK is the tile fixing bracket that allows easy and fast installation of Next-PV RACK panel support accessories without modifying the aesthetics of the site.
Fabricated in stainless steel.
Quick and easy installation.
Pre-assembled stainless steel screws.
Compatible with the Next-RX profile.
About Us
We design and manufacture solar mounting systems for the solar industry in the residential, commercial and industrial roofs.
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